Step 2: Designing Your Space

Once we have gathered all of the data, we begin creating a design concept to share with you. Activities for this phase include:

Lay Out

No matter how beautiful the fabrics, colors and furniture styles, if the layout and scale of the furniture elements are wrong, the space will not feel right. Space planning is one of the key elements for a great design. We develop “to scale” drawings of each space, showing the placement and sizing of all furnishings.

The Fun Stuff

We select fabrics, color palettes, and sample furnishings based on your lifestyle and the aesthetics that you favor. At this point, we may provide you with multiple options so that we can further clarify your preferences.

Roughing It

We sketch built-in pieces or custom elements to convey their design or illustrate special details.

Show and Tell 2

This time, we are hosting the “show and tell” of the design concept, walking through the layouts, explaining the features and design choices and listening to your feedback. We work together to further refine and enhance the concept.