Step 4: Implementing the Design

Now is the time to turn the design into reality. If there are changes from the review in Step 3, they are incorporated into the design and the implementation process begins.

Getting the Goods

We manage the purchasing process for elements on the shopping list that you are purchasing through us. This entails generating purchase orders, managing the order process, tracking order fulfillment and coordinating warehousing and delivery. For custom fabrication, we will collaborate with the fabricators to ensure that they have all of the details to create a high-quality end product.

Working Together

We coordinate and collaborate with architects, contractors, tradesmen, installers, and other team members on your project to ensure that the design is implemented as intended and unforeseen issues are resolved.

Ta Da

As the furnishings and design elements arrive, we coordinate and oversee the installation. After a flurry of activity, your beautiful, new space is a reality.